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MOTHER: SEA OF ETERNAL LOVE (Rhyme Royal) - D.C. Chambial (India)



(Rhyme Royal)

-         D.C. Chambial (India)


Mother – a vast sea of eternal love,

An eternal source of sonorous sound,

God’s wonderful gift to world like a dove,

Angel to drive away the heinous hound;

Full of fragrant maternal fondness bound

Culled from the heavenly bowery terrain

To put an end to the life’s worries main.


The soft drops of love from her heart shower

A heart that embraces the world within,

Source of the sonorous song, however,

Resolute rock to bear the weight of sin,

Sent by Brahma from his Heaven sans sin

A flume from where flows everlasting bliss

An evergreen garden where no snakes hiss.