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OUR LOVE - Anuradha Bhattacharyya (India)




-         Anuradha Bhattacharyya (India)


At the beginning it was

The tickle of a mosquito bite

On a cool summer evening

When the rest of the world was dozing off

While you and I were

Exploring our possibilities.


At first it was a watch

On the shores of my blanched froth

In the current of a wave

Of the hand that kept distance

Between two magnetic fields

Knowing our limits.


Then flew the sparks

Bursting into light

The scattered straw kept aside

For a future date

Awaiting the slow cadence

Becoming a storm.


The night lost its calm

Closing my eyes to danger

Pretending in the face

Of it – an escapade of pure

Translucent vibrant joy

Imitating our spirits.


A storm that it was

It lasted for a moment

Having fallen out of sleep

Under the spell of a conjurer

Trying to sustain the trick

Nullifying destiny.


Finally it rained

Drenching the eternal thirst

Of travelers in the cosmos

Looking for repose

In far off lands beyond our

Human comprehension.


I stood watching

The remnants of the storm

As if calculating the strength

Of destiny against my meek powers

Finding the latter

Incorrigibly inadequate.