Due to some technical issue, the October issue (Vol. 3, Issue 2) is to be published either in the last week of November or the first week of December, 2022. Inconvenience is regretted.

ARIANA DISCOVERS - Mike Jenkins (U.K.)




-         Mike Jenkins (U.K.)


Name all the way from ancient Persia,

yet I prefer to think of silver,

not the money but the colour.


Silvery glint in eyes and smile.

Your slow-coming teeth troubling

even as mine are disintegrating.


I stoop to your world

of the carpet’s plain

and knees ache, stiffen.


But you can grip my hands

like a climber’s rope

as you balance upright.


I challenge you to face

the chair’s sheer cliff,

your steady, straining noise


like a small bird repeating

its call, not because it’s lost

but wings not yet formed.


There are no coins to gather,

just shaking shapes and sounds ;

a mirror’s shine, yourself another.


Note: In Welsh ‘arian’ can mean money and silver.