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-       U. Mahendran (India)

The getting is opposed:
It is not directed directly.
Nor it is oblique all the time.
The happening in the very existence of the given is half-taken.
Coming in the way of the hard fought upliftment.


The contrariness of denying is inconsequential.
It is done to create a new provision,
Within which refusal gets legalised.
Next productive step is penalizing the informed.
Don't forget that awareness is punished!


The activation of 6th sense,
Would always bring suspense,
Don't take pen and papers as guns,
Identifying The protector is not taking a few seconds,
Learn to have frustration as your romance!


Allow your heads to nod.
Because the authoritative authorities are annoyed.
The voice raising is vigilantly prohibited.
In the new order surveillances psychologically encapsulated.
That is how our digital feelings are activated!


The separation is  entertained.
The preparation for them is televised.
The democratic rules are being revised.
Because they are against the brutally enlightened.
As it is the psycho-frenzy of normality!


Load up your mind with confidence,
Otherwise the awaiting higher will act on your diffidence.
Oh! For god sake don't say you are ecstatic,
Weakening them would be  spearheaded as it is the handy tactic!
This is how putting down humanity is going hectic!


The admission of mistakes is celebrated,
The permission  availing pattern has been venomously reported,
Through this equality gets eradicated.
Never ever let out because that is mercilessly sensitized,
Ultimately remaining true gets commercialized!


Richness and colour are treated to be a birthright,
Talking only about them is the modern occasional alright?
The innate talents are given to endless weight,
Certainly  they will get a chance if they are unavoidably  bright.
It is expected of you therefore without expecting in return, be quiet!


The conclusions are made favouritely,
Because they were favoured.
The illegal works have been carried out feverishly,
Because it would be questioned legally.
Always ready to ask because you will not be answered surely!


They produce war because there are inoperative laws for the handicapped.
The illness will be amplified because there are hospitals multiplied.
The protection will be sanctioned because criminality is securely generated.
The poor and the labour section are being cultivated because private richness is officially invigorated!
The cast and religious differences have been promoted because electoral practice is actively reinstated.