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HALF SAID, UNSAID - Tapan Kumar Pradhan (India)



-       Tapan Kumar Pradhan (India)


I must confess now

It was me that day

That anonymous letter in pink

You saw in your yellow notebook

I was the writer


How I managed it

Still I do not know

I remember I had walked on tiptoe

When the boys were not looking

I thought you would know


But you looked so normal

And an entire winter passed

Words were frozen like ice

I thought of burning them on my stove

But only the papers would turn to ash

Words will remain etched on my wall


What was half said or unsaid

Need not be said again

Perhaps you already knew

Or you might have guessed


It will not make any difference

Now if the words die with me

I have had the final solace

Having uttered them to myself

Before my shattered glass mirror

Many times over



I live now amid these stacks of paper

Which have walled me around since

And I shall live on those memories

You should be at least glad to know

You gave me all my memories