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JESUS ONCE SPOKE TO ME - John Guzlowski (U.S.A)




-         John Guzlowski (U.S.A)



I was sleeping in the desert 

outside of Elko, NV. 

It was 1968 or 1969. 

I don't remember anymore. 


I was sleeping and I heard a voice.


The voice was dry, sandy. 

And I could hear the wind behind it. 

There was a darkness in it too. 

But as soon as it spoke 

I knew it was Jesus. 


I woke up in fear, 

because I had been a sinner 

for a long time, 

and my sins were bad ones.


And Jesus said, 

don't worry, Johnny. 

I'm not here about your sins. 

They are just something you do. 

Don't worry about them. 

I'm here to tell you to go home 

and be a good boy to your mom and dad, 

a real helper.


And I nodded my head 

and the voice was gone.