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NOT ONLY IN HUMANS - K. Satchidanandan (India)




-         K. Satchidanandan (India)

There is poetry not only in humans

But in objects too

This chair carries the memories

Of guarding wayfarers from rain

When it was a tree.


This table carries the proportions

And fingerprints of the carpenter

Who made it.

In this book, men and women

Keep loving and falling apart,

Joking and weeping.


This floor is full of

Vanished footprints

This wind carries the odours

Of so many men and beasts

Even in this rock are

The remains of some

Extinct animal


Sea is a liquid beast

Roaring in the land’s iron grip

It grew so blue being in

Love with the sky for long

It is the eyes of those who were

Drowned in the river that are

Reborn as its fish

Those who eat them

Are eating landscapes.


It is the lines a girl

Scrawled in her notebook that

Pours down as rain.


Think of it, and there is

Poetry in everything, except in poetry.

In it there is only the self -love

Of human beings, and

Their desire for immortality.


Poetry is nothing but the mourning

For some lost language.

Or, the vain scream for a world

That may never come to be.