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POET’S EYE - Neelam Saxena Chandra (India)




-         Neelam Saxena Chandra (India)


I board the train.

Despite the scenery being so beautiful

On this route, I have lost interest.

I don’t even peep out of the window.

I don’t look for the “VadaPaav” vendors at Karjat.

One of the vendors comes inside the train,

But my mouth isn’t watering.

It’s just another incident for me now.


I am hurt. Extremely hurt.

I am not showing it, but there’s another void created.


It’s dark inside as well as outside, though it’s not night.

I realize that the train has entered the tunnel.

The darkness gets eliminated, as the train

Leaves the long tunnel behind…


Is my hurt like that tunnel?


I sit and ponder.

Yes, the hurt that I’ve felt is like that tunnel

That makes me look only at the darkness.

For the train, the driver can pull it out of the tunnel,

But for myself, I have to take the driver’s seat!


I glance at the “VadaPaav” vendor, who has come again,

I buy two pieces; look at them with watery tongue,

And put them inside my mouth one by one,

Savoring every bit of the delicious “VadaPaav”…


Life has to move on.

The hurt will also soon be a thing of the past.

I smile and watch the scenes outside

With my poet’s eye!