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THE VEILED MUSE - Ria Banerjee (India)



-         Ria Banerjee (India)

A poet, in a distant city, like a fugitive, is on the

rampage tonight

for his veiled Muse

in the lost island of Ithaca.

He drinks crimson-red wine,

that drips down the chalice like beads

of blood and chants a Greek incantation

to summon the lost Muse. Under the spell

of wine, he recalls her golden tresses that sway

unabashedly when caressed by the gentle breeze.

Tonight, he longs to unveil her in his verses.

He desires to drink from the chalice and touch the

roses of her lips.

Tonight, his verses will cross oceans and mingle

with the divine.

Tonight, he will unveil his lost Muse in verse.