The Creative Section (Vol. 5, No. 1) is on its way and will be published by the end of May, 2024.





-       P C K Prem (India)


I have read long

Fragments in figures separate,

Fissures appearing each time

Heralding birth of a new Guru.

A new religion.


It is my despair that speaks

To refugees,

Running amuck in search

Of a home,

In their own homeland

Made violent. And each

Breathing injects a



It spreads a net to catch

a man without pieces.

But such a finish good is not found

In a super bazaar where

Jeans are stitched on payment

for any size.


It is a measured beauty on a canvas,

Where a grain of rice

Peeps out and laughs

To tell a tale alive,

Without an epilogue.


Here one piece collects

Gathers dust on a canvas

Drenched in colours of

Separation to join a total Guru,

Who sparkles on jewels.