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-       Ndaba Sibanda (Zimbabwe)


Tell me, how do we rescue ourselves

from our propensity for self-destruction?

from self-hatred, self-delusion, self-infliction?       


an investment to save the natural world

is a welcome development to save life,

for we are inseparable from nature 


wetlands are no longer wet,

for humanity has become brutal,

no longer loving, caring and romantic,


do we see the trees’ tears

when we tease and hack them

for no reason or for the fun of it?


do we hear the poor animals’ pleas

when we pester and poach them

for the love of money, meat and abuse?


do we appreciate the importance of trees?

do we recognize the damage of tossing

litter around, or plastics around beaches?  


rainforests are unfriendly, furious and fiery,

coral reefs are quarrelling with extinction

because life`s support systems are stressed!


nature is glory and glory is nature

but nature calls for regeneration,

determination, not decimation 


trees, rivers and oceans cry foul,

they say their ruin is our tragedy,

indiscriminate tree-cutters , heed!


there is no place for plastic polluters,

for plastic pollution is harmful to humans,

animals and plants as it affects the food chain   


is the protection of the planet

not the protection of the people?

is a bulge of natural ruins not enough?


a sick planet dogged by polluted air, water

and soil, struggling with floods, fires, hunger

and starvation: global warming is real and scary      


please poachers and polluters,

precious is life, fragile is our planet,

we plead on the edge of extinction 


all peoples should be preservers,

put our planet before pride and greed,

deforestation, devastation, extinction


are we ready to consume less, use less water,

upcycle more, turn trash into treasure, compost

food scraps, shop secondhand, walk, bike, not drive?