The submission for October issue (Vol. 4, No. 2) is going on. The last date of submission is 30 September, 2023.




-         John Charles Ryan (Australia)


The Thought Mare

plateaus across canter

wordless to edge mere

of world-rough dermis

infields rimple by step—

In She steep is Thought mere. 


See She body beneath

at piece asleep wooded

prone thigh-seep peace

wind-brush bryophyte feld

wimples quaver by cleft—

In She Thought is gorge seethe.


Touch She timed-etch

brusque in pangeal purge

plummet from glyph fold

schlerophyll of peripheral

trilled winged falsetto fill—

Is She Thought in mottled flesh. 


Olfact She diacritic frill

smokespiral from abyss

waddle width praematurus

in yellow dentata sublingual

her velvet curve belly burst—

Is She Thought in I must keel.