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-          Thahira (India)

Shun the consumption that a woman is a flower,

Under that carpet her rights are hidden up forever.


In the floating wind the society inhales the crushed potency,

Of the women, oh God the poisonous tendency.


Through that the success is pushed,

Her desires getting dashed!


Discard the metaphor that the woman is a moon,

Attaining equality is the completion of her heart so it burns like the sun!


Obstacle crossed, optimism raised as the confidence is staged,

With that her bravery is sharply edged against the injustice being faced!


By holding the fingers of perseverance she walks,

By grabbing the hand of hope she marches in the way,

By the gender disparity her path of success is blocked,

Not the brightness of feminism it is for the ray of Womanism her lips set out to pray!


Her heart pumps with dreams to make them a reality one day,

Her courage seeks out with force when needed,

Within her lies the ocean of love that puts the enticed in the blessed way,

She is the fountainhead of mercy from that the humanity is reared on earth!


Extinguish the false adoration brought out in plenty to astonish her beauty,

Rather Her bravery and wisdom should be translated and gifted to the world

To direct the country and the home in the path of progress is her duty!


The universe could embrace marvellous if her ability is enlightened,

As she is empowered with the wisdom that turns storm into breeze and darkness into light!


Let her be liberated to cherish independence and flourish with self-respect


Debunk the criticism shot at her piety,

If not it will degenerate the humanity!


For God sake treat her with respect,

Then the lack and the week in mankind would become perfect!