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-       U. Mahendran  (India)

Don't carry what I don't want,

It is not that I can't.

It names me,

My within is your enemy!


You say I am disabled,

But let me tell you I am not that you have,

You may wonder then what I am,

Let it be simple,


Before confirming what I am,

Let me teach what the simple is all about.

You may not like me to teach you,

But I have learnt from you remember!


You think and assert that you are fit,

Therefore only eligible to be heard!

But how can I make you understand I can speak like you!

But I have not told you what I am,


Why should I tell you who I am,

I cannot be rude like that.

Because you have shown who you are.

So I should reveal myself to you.


But simplicity is not yet clarified right?

I said it is simple but cannot be simplified!

I have no hesitation to say.

But your repeated recitation is the reason for that, Don’t you know?


But I know that you only know everything.

You refuse this accusation?

Then why you speak about me when I can do it by myself?

The my in me is not represented when you talk about me!


You hold lot of responsibilities,

But it is always irresponsible when I am being spoken by you.

It is Harsh, abusive and offensive right?

I am not gazing at you with anger!


That is your business.

But I could look through your voice remember.

You are not bother about that right?

But I am highly gifted with that,


More than you,

Your eyes are my enemies,

I cannot befriend them.

Why should I? as they often indulge in producing me!


You want me to sit like you:

Eat like you, walk like you,

Imitatively you expect me to retain all your behaviours.

Oh God! can't you stop it?


We share the same world,

But my space is not entirely mine you see.

I am not; rather I can't control you,

But you always surveil me.


You build everything,

But I can only fit and adjust to that.

You construct everything,

But I can either dash against it or have to dwell in it right?


The path is mine but the road is yours!

The letters are mine but the engraving is yours!

The imagination is mine but  the explanatory  projection is yours!

Your exterior is not at all compatible with my interior what should I do?


With  site and without vision you can be,

But with vision without site can't I be?

Really blessed you are because you get every delight.

Left to me is fight or be quiet.


So put aside what you have in you about me,

Then take me beside, left and right to you.

With my bright and with your light, we can walk hand in hand.

Now let me tell you that I am the Blind!