The Creative Section (Vol. 5, No. 1) is on its way and will be published by the end of May, 2024.




-         Víctor Rodríguez Núñez (Cuba)



on this patio where everything happens

among areca palms hummingbirds and taro plants

sand of the days unlived

celestial agriculture


there is no time only space

an unruly light

reluctant to put down roots like you

and everything ensues at the same moment


an abrupt flatland a star already mentioned

in roman ruins

the corn constellated with fireflies


bitten by desperation

you bark hopeful

in your marrow the may rain 




when you blow out the candle

the chairs in the living room switch on

oscillate like hanged men

and the flip-flops creak without taking a step


they call each other names in galician

follow the rhythm crashing their bones

in sleeplessness they surface

from the snow burnt with no memory


the shadow wants to show up naked

you are going to cross the bridge

with a rusty cardinal fear


it is time to stay everywhere

at least the plum tree has blossomed

in the depths of the dream is death




severe law of the tropics the crosswise look

from the palm leaf hat

and the twinkling sea star

language takes off its shirt


it starts fanning you

to the rhythm of the land breeze the roots embrace

gumbo-limbo and ateje trees

their shade strikes you down like lightning


won’t let you dream get your act together

lust wears perfume

kissing to the teeth love bites


the image quartered by the rain

with its nerves in embers

the torments rise from the mirrors


 (Translated into English by Katherine M. Hedeen.
Managing Editor: Action Books.)