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-         Neelam Saxena (India)


The walls stink.

people have been peeing.

“Shulabh Sauchnalaya” stands just next to it

as a silent witness.


why do people pee on the walls then?

          perhaps, these walls can’t speak.

          perhaps, there’s no policing.

          or, perhaps, it’s sheer habit.


habits die hard.


gunning is a habit.

          some idiot shoots

since he’s unhappy.

          some other rascal shoots

                   obsessed with racism.

          but some nations also shoot

                   to assert their might.

gunning is indeed a habit.


raping is also a habit.

          it begins with fondling.

                   often the girl is dissuaded

                   to complaint.

                   “sshhh”, remain quiet”

                   she’s often told

                   by other ladies in the house.

          the guy thinks it’s normal

                   to kiss, to fondle, to rape

                   he has to assert his manhood.

          he’s no longer afraid.

after all, raping is now his habit.


little do these persons understand

that their habits

leave stinking walls behind,

and the foul odour

is going to be with them

where’er they go.