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-         Miriam Sagan (U.S.A.)




silver fish in a golden net


refugee must climb

the Pyranees

to a place of safety


still, will die en route


in a fever


Mt. Meru seems to rise

inches every thousand years


at its peak

fossilized seashells

of this oceanic earth


golden fish in silver net






I’m a girl

I get on a bus, I get off

a different bus

my hair is tied up in a pale blue silk scarf

I do not wish you well

or ill

all I want to do

is finish reading this page

to get an average good grade

on a meaningless examination

where I describe a city

by its laws

not the notes of a saxophone

that float from the corner of the avenue

I get off the bus and board yet another

all I want

is to finish writing

this page






the silver canary

sings in the hanging cage

on the porch by the stream

in Cundyio, hamlet of little bells


I left the cage door

open on purpose

this bird has flown


I don’ know

if a hawk got it

or if it flew all the way

to the Dolores

a warm avenue of palm trees

full of escaped parakeets

chatting blue and green


all I know

is that this bird

has flown