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-       Ram Krishna Singh (India)


lying in sun

on a straw mattress

a nude couple

whisper dreamed-up nest

when their ship comes in



peeping eyes

view the skull

weird videos

deep breathing on the rock

dazed shapes in moving frames



softness dies

in his pressure

much pleasure

melting elements

feed the soul in flesh



giving in to grow


wants no trouble

realizing dream life

on daily basis




roaring colours in the sky

red, white, dark

merge into one

fire, water, earth



she gives him the push

when he says sex starving

is a greater sin

than fasting for his long life

or praying to the lingam



after a tiff

lying under the same blanket

two of us stare

the peeping moon and turn

with glee to each other



shaped like a bird

a drop of water lands

on her breast:

my breath jumps to kiss it

before her pelvic flick



a sleeping man

under the tree

awaits a grave

villains in village keep

gaslighting all day



she draws a church

on the back of a leaflet

to resurrect Mary

in whose name she cried for years

and none counted her tears