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-          P C K Prem (India)


 You cannot gauge the depth of words

 only you hear the noise

these make, forget, fall

into abyss as garbage greets

essence hazy

and at times, oblique

leaves wink at dusk.


Chanting goes beyond the ether

to write an obituary

of an unsung hero died in flood

violence of power let loose

on the crowd

wanting air and lexis

in zero hour.

Asks nothing

 in spite of the key book

scribbled on pale palms

joined together to sing in silence

he hears, smiles and strikes head

fists get hurt

 he vomits and goes

underground for fear of life.


Three paces are enough

to complete

journey of life

where you discern whiteness

a purity of inner man

you refuse to recognize

here rays go deep

lost in utter oblivion

find no identity