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-       Peter Robinson (U.K.)



Heat-lightning flares on a dusk horizon.

Stiff breeze rustles the darker leaves.

Some stars have put in an appearance

on the blue-black dome above us.

They’re being read, interpreted

by a voice out on the patio

pointing to Plough or Great Bear.

Only I can’t see any pattern up there,

no more at the centre of things

than our continent and hemisphere.

Just like tonight’s blue super-moon,

it’s not an optical illusion

come nearer on its ecliptic round.

We see it larger for that reason,

our world no more at the centre of things

than men are now, or human beings.

Still, unable to find any pattern up there

on the blue-black dome above us,

I start at the flashes on a dusk horizon

however many light years far from here.