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-       Sagar Mal Gupta (India)


On this World Laughter Day

I am reminded of

Laughter Guru C.M. Sharda1

Rajender Kumar2   of Jaipur

who are treating people of

their ills through laughter therapy.

Control  your B.P. and sugar

through laughter

Keep your brain, heart

and lungs fit

through laughter

Assuage your body pain

through laughter

Lubricate your dry conversation

with laughter

Generate endorphin and dopamine

through laughter

to keep yourself happy

and bright like the morning dew.

Recover any lost emotion

and increase your blood circulation

We feel more alive filled with joy and elation.

Visualize  yourself

smiling and laughing with glee.

Let the sound of and sensation of

laughter fill your soul.

Let not any trouble

bother you anymore


Laugh it   out loud

Let the sound of laughter

resound in the house

and possibly beyond

and enable the joy

to spread around.


1. He is running a Laughter Club in Jaipur with laughter champion R.D. Baheti

2. He has a world record  of laughing for three hours  and forty-seven minutes.