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-       Sagar Mal Gupta (India)

Caring for your husband

is all right

Sharing love with your children

is all right

But spending  some time with yourself

is a must

Because you are also an individual

You have your own existence

Your dreams may be different

Your thoughts may be different

Celebrate outing with yourself

Do romance with  yourself

You are a unique piece

made by God

Enjoy the aroma of coffee vapours

sitting alone in a sea-side restaurant

Watch waves dancing on the sea shore

Hear seagulls cry and ocean’s roar

Soak happiness in every fibre

 of your  body

Go alone for a walk

Feel the breeze and hear

the music of rustling leaves

and the birds in the trees

Present a rose to yourself

Smell its fragrance

Tell yourself

You love you.

Loneliness is painful

But self- love  is invigorating

So experience it

to the full.