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-       K. Satchidanandan (India)


Joy is a narrow space

between two sorrows.


A space lit by the morning sun

where a sunflower is in bloom

amidst fresh blades of  grass,

that two people can hardly occupy,

and may be a pale butterfly too.


You can dance there with

movements and gestures

possible in that narrow space.

And sing in a low voice.

Can even laugh mildly

tickling the baby -sunlight.


But there is little time.

You know it too.

The sun will soon grow harsh,

sorrows will squeeze you from both sides.

You may even get trapped there

Never able to get out.


When the whole body bleeds,

you may suspect that joy is but a snare.

It’s not all wrong, but

you were able to  see

the flower, and dance.


But, pain, it is eternal.

and its space, infinite.

Like the abyss that

once trapped the earth.


You will have to leave the earth

to see there are stars even there.

Who knows, your soul

may fly cross many light-years

to land in a star.


It will get a new body there.

Then you will know,

joy is but a narrow space

between two sorrows.