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-       Sagar Mal Gupta (India)


Adjoining Ahilya Park’s verdant embrace,

Amrita Park unfolds, a vibrant space.

While some trees stand shorn, their green cover gone,

Gigantic rosewoods proudly hold their own.

A red chunri adorns a basil plant,

Like a blushing bride, with lamplight’s gentle chant.

It draws every  passerby’s admiring glance.

A captivating detail in this vibrant dance.

A witness to life’s diverse tableau

The park hums with activities that flow.

Pre-teens fueled by youthful energy,

Play cricket, their noise echoing free.

One boy’s powerful strike sends the ball astray.

Lost amongst the leaves, it chooses to stay

Undeterred , he returns with light’s guiding beam

But the elusive ball remains unseen.

Further on, teenagers test  their strength and skill,

In a fierce kabaddi match , their voices fill.

The air with shouts  and cheers, a  thrilling sight,

As  bodies tangle in a determined fight.

Three young women, lost in conversation’s embrace

Walk hand in hand, their words set a quick pace,

One, in their haste, bumps me with a gentle shove,

But a smile and nod swiftly restore all love.

Middle –aged and senior figures grace the scene,

Enjoying the solace of nature’s green.

They walk the paths, reflecting on life’s journey,

Finding peace and solace in this tranquil sanctuary.

Amrita Park, more than just trees and shade,

A tapestry woven of life, vibrantly displayed.

It unites all ages, professions, and dreams,

A vibrant haven where laughter and life gleams.