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-       Sagar Mal Gupta (India)


Not mere wisps on a summer breeze

But seeds of purpose, strong and free

Dreams bloom within unseen at first

Yet hold the potential to quench life’s thirst.

Don’t treat dreams as an airy thing

But a substantial one.

Treat  dreams as a lover

Who comprehends your emotions and feelings.

Treat dreams as a family

Who are the remover of sorrows

And provider of comforts.

After my post-graduation in English

I developed a dream of studying

At a university in the USA

The East West Center scholarship chose me

To study at the University of Hawaii .

My dream turned into a reality,

If you are focused on your dream,

Dream ultimately spins into a reality.

For dreams, once nurtured ,find their way

From whispers faint to the light of day.

So hold them close, these precious things

And watch them bloom, on hopeful wings.