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-         Des Dillon (U.K.)

As wise as a vowel;
bonds of meaning.
Without you we'd all be pointing
out things in the hullabaloo
and owl would only twt tw.

As sly as a box-
er in a barroom brawl,
throwing jabs and crosses,
the fly old fox -
he only hooks when he has to.

Like a fool in china shop
we have cracked and shattered
the fragile things of this earth.
May we be trampled under
the hooves of retribution
and forever into dust returned.

As green as the mass
when the dawn light skims the grass
and slices the woods to trees;
the world on her knees
singing the hymn of the morning.

As deep as the commotion
of crows clattering over my garden,
chattering in crowspeak
of things we must never know
and the Old Corvid King
sat atop a blasted tree,
deep and black and bold.