The Creative Section (Vol. 5, No. 1) is on its way and will be published by the end of May, 2024.




-          Kamani Jayasekera (Sri Lanka)


I am unable to express in words

How much pride and happiness

I get when seeing you drive away

your long hair flying you wave

A kiss making my heart beat skip

You have grown tall my dear child,

And fair, your ‘cream tea’ complexion

Making you stand out among others.

It is amazing how you have adapted

To the alien environment, making it

Your own, uprooted from your

Motherland planted in a foreign soil

Like an exotic plant in a park

Now you speak the language they do,

Behave as they do, independent

From shackles invisible, care free

from all those conventions by a

culture imposed of a bygone era

That made me detest enough never

To set foot again, though it was the

Same that imposed limits and

Made me keep and nurture you.